Month: July 2018

Catching Amberjack

Snapper season ended July 21st so we’re looking forward to the next season – which is Amberjack! Amberjack season for 2018 begins August 1st and runs through October 31st. Anglers love fishing for amberjack in Orange Beach. The thrill of a big amberjack pulling and bending your rod is pure adrenaline, even for the most experienced fishermen. These big fish commonly weigh 20-40 pounds with some weighing near 70-100 pounds.

Triggerfish is another target for this season. Triggerfish are abundant in nearshore and offshore locations. They compete in the same habitat preferred by red snapper and gag grouper. While they normally prefer to stay towards the bottom, they will rise up in the water column to get your bait on the way down. The adults drift along the bottom either alone or in groups while the juveniles drift at the surface.

Amberjack and triggerfish can be cooked many ways, if you choose to keep and eat them. Many people prefer a stronger seasoning when cooking amberjack due to its strong taste but marinating it properly is a treat for the taste buds. Find great recipes for both amberjack and triggerfish below.

Book your trip with Class Act Charters to chase amberjack, triggerfish and much more this season! We have 4-18 hour and 2 day trips available. Whether you’re taking the family or friends, you’ll enjoy your time with us and we look forward to meeting you!

Lemon Butter Amberjack Recipe

Grilled Triggerfish w/ Red Wine Butter Sauce


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