6 Reasons That Fall Is A Great Time to Fish the Gulf Of Mexico

Football and hunting seasons reign supreme during the fall, causing many anglers to spend less time on the water. But fall is actually one of the best times for deep sea fishing! From cooler weather to fewer boats on the water, there are some great reasons that you shouldn’t hang up your line come September – or ever! The Gulf of Mexico has some of the best deep sea fishing in the ocean year-round, and the latter months provide their own unique fishing experience. And, Class Act Charters can make your fall fishing trip experience a memorable and cherished one.


Here are 6 reasons that fall is a great time to fish the Gulf of Mexico with Class Act Charters:

1. The Weather is Fine

Fall brings with it the end of the summer – and that means cooler weather. It’s a pleasant change to spend several hours on the open sea without fighting the blistering heat of the summer sun. Plus, less sweaty hands means a tighter grip on your fishing pole.

2. Less Intense Sunshine

Speaking of the summer sun, it can be intense. But during the fall the sun shines lower in the sky, making its impact a bit less intrusive. This can also cut down on glare in the water, making it easier to see and follow fish.

3. The Gulf Is Yours

The water traffic during the fall and winter is considerably less than in other months. That means that the Gulf is yours for the taking! Enjoy prime spots and less competition when you fish the Gulf of Mexico during the fall.

4. Plenty of Fish

During the fall you can still catch plenty of fish in the Gulf of Mexico! Amberjack, grouper, wahoos, and king mackerel are common catches during the fall and early winter. Each of these puts up a good fight and tastes delicious on your plate fried or grilled. Amberjack takes a little more effort to season to perfection.

5. A Bigger Catch

Speaking of great catches, fall is the best time to catch the biggest fish of the year. That’s because large predators begin to gorge on baitfish that are moving inland into warmer waters. By searching for foraging birds on the water, we’re able to find large schools of fish and that’s when the hunters become the hunted.

6. You Can Still Catch The Game

We know that football is a fall staple. We love it, too! That’s why The Class Act – our large namesake vessel – has satellite TV with local channels so you never have to miss a play. Plus, there’s a grill on board so that you can cook your famous football BBQ while you fish! It’s the best of both worlds!


Spring and summer are the most popular times for deep sea fishing – but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best! There’s lots of fun to be had out on the water year-round, and especially during the latter months. Let Class Act Charters man the wheel as you spend a cool autumn day fishing the wide-open Gulf of Mexico. Book your trip today before the season is over!


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