Exciting Off-Season Fishing Charter in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Once the summer is winding down, you may think it’s too late to book a charter fishing boat for your autumn or winter trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Fortunately, that’s not so!  Class Act Charters offers Gulf Shores fishing charters for fall and winter deep sea fishing.  Our winters are mild, and we enjoy going out fishing all year long, season after season.  If you’re planning to visit South Alabama in autumn or winter instead of summer, you can still have a great time deep sea fishing.  Class Act Charters hosts off-season charter fishing for families, business trips, and anyone else who doesn’t want to wait until summer for some exciting deep sea fishing.


Benefits of Off-Season Deep Sea Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL

Summer is our busy season in Gulf Shores, primarily because that’s when most people tend to vacation on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.  There’s no denying our summer fishing is amazing– red snapper season, anyone?– but that doesn’t mean you can’t also have a fantastic fishing experience in September, October, November, December, through to spring.  The people who live here, including the captains and crew at Class Act Charters, know that there’s not a bad season for fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, as long as the weather permits.


Perks of Fishing in the Off-Season:

  • Comfortable Temperatures
    Summers in South Alabama can be incredibly hot, humid, and sticky, but we typically have beautiful, less humid weather in fall, and our winters are generally very comfortable.  Those sensitive to excessive heat may prefer charter fishing in the cooler seasons, and if you’re traveling from somewhere snowy or freezing, a coastal Alabama winter might almost feel like spring!
  • Different Species of Fish to Target
    In autumn and winter, the Gulf of Mexico cools.  This causes certain species of fish to retreat to deeper waters, but others actually come closer to shore.  Anglers fishing off the coast of Gulf Shores in the off-season can catch amberjack, flounder, Spanish mackerel, mullet, grouper, sheepshead, redfish, triggerfish, and more (depending on when you’re fishing).  With a fishing guide at your side, you can also still have fun with the catch and release of fish that are out of season.  There’s always something biting, every month of the year!
  • Less Competition
    The off-season allows a unique opportunity to fish with less competition.  That means greater availability of time slots, so you can more easily secure the day and time that works best for you.  (Weekends can still book up quickly, though, so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and book early.)  Less competition also means there are significantly fewer anglers on the water going after the big fish.  In your time off the water, you’ll find that there are noticeably fewer tourists in Gulf Shores in the autumn and winter– good news for people who like to avoid traffic, crowds, and long lines!


There’s plenty of fun to be had and fish to be caught in the Gulf Coast’s cooler so-called “off-season”.  It’s a unique experience and a breath of fresh air to tide you over until spring.  Hooking a fish on a bright winter’s day in Gulf Shores is especially sweet when you consider that if you were home, you’d probably be stuck indoors, avoiding the freezing weather!


Book Your Fall or Winter Fishing Trip in Gulf Shores, AL!

Interested in doing a little fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast this autumn or winter?  Class Act Charters would love to welcome you aboard for some exciting off-season angling!  Boo now or give us a call to discuss how we can accommodate you.


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