Redfish Charter Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL

Class Act Charters offers deep sea fishing for beautiful redfish in Gulf Shores, Alabama!  

Will you be spending time at the Alabama beaches during the late summer of early fall this year?  If so, this is an ideal opportunity to go fishing for some mouthwatering redfish.  The pros at Class Act Charters can get you to those fish!

Even if the red snapper season for this year has already passed, there’s no reason you can’t still have an amazing deep sea fishing adventure during your time on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  The northern Gulf of Mexico stays nice and warm for a long time after snapper season finishes, and there are plenty of other great fish that are active and eager to bite.  Redfish, for example, is a fantastic fish to target from August through the end of October.  With a fighting spirit and a delicious flavor, redfish are a popular choice with anglers across the Gulf Coast region.  

Thrilling Offshore Charter Fishing near the Alabama Beaches

The friendly and experienced captains at Class Act Fishing Charters offer thrilling redfish fishing excursions in Gulf Shores, AL.  Our team knows all the top local fishing spots and can take you on a deep sea fishing adventure your whole group with love!  We offer a variety of fishing trip options, and we’re happy to help you choose the one that’s right for you, whether you’d like to try your hand at trolling on a 4-hour charter, embark on an epic 12-hour fishing experience you’ll remember forever, or opt for something in between.  Our selection of charter fishing trips are tailored to meet a range of needs, schedules, and budgets.

Fishing on the gorgeous Alabama Gulf Coast is an unforgettable experience.  There’s no other way to enjoy the beauty of this unique corner of the country.  Give your family or friends the gift of a truly memorable outing by arranging to spend some time out fishing together on the Gulf.  Let’s grab the fishing gear and go hook some fish!

Redfish Fishing Trips in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Redfish, also known as red drum or spottail bass, are a species of game fish.  As the name indicates, they can have a dark reddish tint along their backs, but most of this fish’s body is a coppery-gold color.  They each have at least one distinctive black spot near the tail.  

These striking fish are a highly sought-after species in the U.S., valued by both anglers and seafood enthusiasts for two excellent reasons:  They’re an interesting and challenging catch with a delectable flavor.  Whether you refer to them as “puppy drum”, “channel bass”, or simply “red”, redfish are a popular and iconic fish species that hold a special place in American fishing and culinary culture.

Redfish has a delicate flavor with a hint of sweetness and a medium-firm, non-oily texture.  Small-sized, younger redfish are usually preferred, as the larger ones tend to have a firmer texture and stronger, fishier flavor.  Redfish is a versatile protein and can be cooked with a variety of seasonings to suit any palate.  It’s easy to adapt this fish to your specific preferences.  

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing in August, September, and October

Class Act Charters is pleased to offer two great options for our guests—Class Act and Daddy’s Baby.  Which one’s right for you?  It depends on the size of your group.  

With the Class Act, your group can include up to 15 people, so everyone in your family or circle of friends can be included in your exciting redfish charter trip.  This 52-foot beauty has it all—air conditioning in the cabin, satellite TV, and even a Green Egg Grill, if you’re in the mood to grill up something delicious.  (That sun and salt air really does work up an appetite!)  Hang out and relax while enjoying some world-class fishing!  The Class Act is USCG-licensed to carry up to 15 people, with an extra fee per person on groups of over 10 people.  (See booking descriptions for more detailed information.)  

If you’re planning to go fishing with a group of up to six people, our smaller vessel, Daddy’s Baby, is the more economical choice.  Daddy’s Baby is perfect for smaller groups—38 feet long, with a cool, air-conditioned cabin and the option to use the on-board radio or MP3 player to listen to some tunes while you fish.

Both of our boats are kept clean and in tip-top condition for your comfort and safety.  Let’s get your squad together and hit the water for some fun in the sun!

Go Fishing for Redfish on the Alabama Gulf Coast!

If you have a novice angler in your group or are planning to take your kids on their first fishing trip, don’t worry!  You don’t have to be a fishing expert to have tons of fun on our charter fishing trips.  We are experienced fishing enthusiasts who love nothing more than introducing people to the excitement of fishing off the coast of Gulf Shores, AL.  Age, ability, and level of experience are no barriers to enjoying fishing.  Everyone is welcome, even young kids, and if you or another member of your party need a quick lesson on fishing basics, we are happy to help.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and appreciation of this special place, and we look forward to the opportunity to take you on a memorable fishing trip!

Redfish Deep Sea Fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama

If you’re planning to visit Gulf Shores this summer or fall, there’s no better way to enjoy what the area has to offer than taking a deep sea fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.  Whether you end up hooking delicious redfish or any of the many other interesting and tasty fish that call the Gulf Coast home, it’s an authentic adventure and a unique experience you don’t want to miss.  At Class Act Charters, we provide everything you need for a wonderful day of fishing, including all necessary license, bait, tackle, and an in-depth knowledge of the best fishing spots and techniques.  You only need to come with comfortable clothes and your food and drinks for the trip.  We’ll handle everything else so you can kick back and focus on having a fantastic time.

Alabama Redfish Fishing Trips in Baldwin County, AL

If you have any questions, please just give us a call!  We’re happy to help however we can.  If you’re ready to snag your preferred date and time for your fishing charter, there’s no need to wait.  Go ahead and book now to secure one of our charter fishing boats for your group’s thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience.  Your fishing adventure awaits!