What to Pack for Your Charter Fishing Trip in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Nothing beats deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama!  It’s an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  The captains and crew at Class Act Charters want to invite your family or group aboard one of our safe and comfortable boats for a Gulf Coast fishing adventure!  We provide all the necessary licenses, fishing equipment, bait, and local fishing expertise– but there are a few other things you’ll want to bring, to get the most out of your deep sea fishing trip.  Keep reading to learn more.  

What to Bring for Deep Sea Fishing in Gulf Shores, AL

With Class Act Charters, you’ll have an experienced captain guiding you to the fish– and a clean, spacious boat equipped with everything you need to catch those fish.  A good time is definitely on the cards!  However, your charter fishing experience will be even better with a just little preparation.  Below are some of the items we recommend you bring with you from home:

Sun Protection

Our shortest charter is a four-hour trip, and you’ll probably be spending a lot of that time in the sun.  It’s always a good idea to protect your skin from the sun, especially if your group includes children with delicate, sensitive skin.  Sunscreen is a must, and sunglasses are also a good idea.  (Polarized sunglasses are best for fishing.)  

While we usually think about sunscreen for our exposed skin, sometimes we forget that our scalp can suffer from sunburn, too.  Each person in your group should bring a cap or sun hat.  A brimmed hat provides cooling shade and extra sun shielding for your face and neck.  

Food & Drinks

Fishing is thirsty work, and being outside in the fresh salt air can give you a hearty appetite!  You’ll want to bring enough food and drinks to keep your group fed and hydrated for the duration of your trip.  Kids especially tend to work their way through a lot of snacks on a fishing trip, so be sure to pack plenty!  Our boats have grills, and you can grill hot dogs or burgers, if you want– but most people keep it simple with sandwiches, chips, and other quick and easy snacks.  We have refrigerators on-board where you can store any food you bring.

We ask that you bring food and drinks in plastic or metal containers only.  Glass bottles can break– never a good situation.  Alcohol is permitted on-board, but we ask that you drink in moderation for everyone’s safety.  Our captains also advise that, for your own comfort and enjoyment, it’s best if you don’t drink much alcohol (if any) the night before your fishing trip.  

Sea-Sickness Medication

Speaking of your comfort and enjoyment… You won’t have much fun fishing if you’re feeling queasy the whole time you’re on the boat.  We strongly recommend that you take Dramamine or another sea-sickness medication, if you’re at all worried you might suffer from sea sickness.  It’s a good idea to take these medicines both the evening before your fishing charter and the morning of the trip.  Some people also find sea-sickness wristbands helpful for reducing motion-related nausea.  

Comfortable Clothing

Dress comfortably and casually for your Gulf Shores fishing expedition.  Wearing breathable layers makes it easier to adjust and find just the right temperature.  Sometimes the sea breeze can be a bit chillier than you’d expect, so we suggest that everyone bring a long-sleeved shirt, light jacket, or windbreaker, depending on the season and weather.  As mentioned earlier, it’s also a good idea to bring a hat or cap, and we recommend that you wear rubber-soled, non-slip, non-marking shoes.  (Bare feet are not permitted on-board, for safety reasons.)  If your group includes children, it can be handy to have a spare change of clothes for them, in case they get wet.  

Other Items

Coolers are optional, but they’re nice to have on your charter fishing trip.  We suggest you consider bringing two coolers, if possible– one for your drinks and one to keep your fish fillets, after our deck mate cleans the fish you catch.  (Don’t forget to bring plenty of ice!)  A cooler makes it easy to transport your fish when you get back from fishing; we have an on-board fish box to store your fish during the trip.  

Fishing can be wet and messy at times.  Hand towels are a quick, convenient way to keep things clean and dry so you’ll have a secure grip on your fishing rod when the next big one bites!  It’s always a good idea to have a towel or two on hand.

We do supply all the equipment and bait you’ll need, but you’re welcome to bring your own tackle, if you like.  Bear in mind that we will not be responsible for any damage to your equipment, so choose accordingly.  

Book Your Charter Fishing Adventure in Gulf Shores, AL!

So, now that you know what items you need to pack for your Gulf Shores charter fishing experience, are you ready to book your trip?  Class Act Charters would like to welcome you and your group aboard for some thrilling Gulf of Mexico deep sea fishing!  We invite you to book now— or give us a call with any questions.